Simona Finkelstein

My paintings are created from everyday beauty and imperfection. They are primarily born inside my mind. Here everything - colours, spots, lines, textures – is being pressed and layered, pressed and layered, pressed and layered… until I close my eyes and I can see my paintings. Then I know: the time has come to transfer them on canvas. I start from sewing. I am using different fabrics from clothes to old bed linen. Some of the fabrics are new, still keeping their fresh factory smell, while others have already lived their lives, have seen a lot, until they are ultimately no longer needed. I take them all. I place them, I sew, I cover them with others, I cut out… In this manner I shift their fate in a different direction. Further, when I have a sewed piece in my hands, I stretch it across a wooden frame and put gelatine or gesso. I am painting with acrylic or oil paints. In some of the works I haven’t used any paints- they are “painted with fabrics” I can’t stop creating. While I am painting I am concentrating in my inner states. I am searching positive thoughts, as painful and destructive moods I prefer to leave for myself. I am painting delicate inner experiences. I am thinking in colors, brush strokes, textures. I wish that my paintings would decorate houses, workplaces, public spaces. I wish they could inspire and make people's everyday life calmer and happier.